Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Just Hold On...

Today I awoke with the Lord’s WORD in my heart.
 The type of WORD I needed to hear,
The type of WORD to give you that power-up  when your  bars are low and you’re videogame dying
 The type of WORD that randomly hits you without the animated stars around your head
The type of WORD that has you thinking…
 “Yes! There’s a GOD out there who loves me more than it’s reasonable to do so and so because I’m me… ‘Human’ and often barely bearable I am undoubtedly blessed”
This morning the Lord told me to hold on.
He said:
“Steph, I would never give you the responsibility of honour  you cannot maintain or achieve. When I let these great and wearying things occur I know that in you is the ability to overcome simply because I conceived it before your conception so how dare you mention, Lord I can’t deal or kneel in tears when your flesh and dark whispers tangled say you cannot do that which you are so well at.
 And this is why I adore you. I made you...just for this day and moment in your life as you rewrite the history of those that lived in the past that which you carry in you veins.
I said Steph!
 I neither slumber nor sleep, text or tweet. I’m watching your every move standing by just in case any self proclaiming fool names themselves (y)Our enemy.
Don’t forget.
Don’t protest.

Just hold on.